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With houses and exteriors being exposed to all types of weather and elements they get dirty. This can affect the look and even feel of your property; cleaning the exterior of your home can bring it back to near new and can often avoid other costly services such as painting or replacement.

House washing is one our specialty services and we have invested a lot time and money to ensure we give our customers the best result. Houses and exteriors can be made up of many different surfaces and each surface requires different treatment or the results can be damaged or leave an unsightly finish. We tailor each house wash to your property and can customise a solution whether you have are new designer build or a historic property.

With our custom house wash we may use one or many of the following techniques to get your home looking its best:

• Soft wash which can include using low pressure or a brush to clean the surface
• Web removal
• Hand wash as some surfaces can be damaged using any other method
• PH neutral cleaning detergents as anything acidic will leaves marks
• Use of micro-fibre cloths for leadlight and streak free finishes

Our house wash includes the cleaning of your property from top to bottom and we include a professional external window clean as part of the service. Some houses can be large and complex to clean, however we have extensive experience using a lift and other specialty equipment for hard to reach or difficult properties. We pride ourselves on our extremely high attention to detail and we understand doing the simple things well really contributes to a great end result.