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All roof surfaces should be cleaned regularly. WashProz roof cleaning services covers all roof types found in New Zealand including Colour Steel, Decramastic, Tiled, and Asbestos. Some roofs need specialist treatments such as asbestos roofs.

Having your roof cleaned will not only improve its visual appearance, but can also increase the longevity of the roofing material. We are experts in roof cleaning and understand what works for each roof type. It is not just as simple and getting on a roof with a high pressure cleaner – nobody wants to blast water into or damage their roof.

Before any roof cleaning activity is undertaken by WashProz, we thoroughly inspect the integrity of the roof. If we spot any issues of concern we will advise you on how this can be rectified prior to cleaning.

The reasons why you should consider WashProz for your roof clean:

• We have expert knowledge of cleaning different New Zealand roofing systems and surfaces
• We have specialised equipment and processes for each roof type
• Our focus is on doing the job correctly and safely

Over the years a build up of dirt, moss and lichen will occur. How much so depends on the roof product, any coating it may have and the age of the roof. How bad it looks depends on the contrast between the dirt, moss and lichen and the color of the roof. Lightly coloured roofs will show the effects of dirt build up much more than a black or charcoal coloured roof.

Moss and lichen building up on a steel roof that has not been cleaned for an extended period can cause premature ageing of the surface of the metal. This is because the moss and lichen eats into the bonded paint, damaging the coating and leaving a mark. Once the lichen has taken hold, stains from where it bonded to the roof will remain after roof cleaning. This is why it is important to have your roof cleaned when you see mossy cauliflowers forming on the surface.

We can offer a regular roof maintenance program to keep your roof looking its best all year round, increasing the life of its performance and maintaining your warranties.